Another dedicated YWCA Volunteer Driver – Gerry


A very BIG Thank You goes out to Gerry for being a dedicated volunteer for such an important program to help seniors in the Glendale and Valley West Community Centers.

Gerry has been a volunteer with the YWCA for over four years! He is a volunteer driver for our Meals on Wheels program.

Gerry volunteers with us twice a week, and continues to do so because of the people.

“I’ve always had jobs that had to do with interacting with people. This is a great way to continue that.”

Being a driver for Meals on Wheels, Gerry has witnessed how important this program is to the community.

“Not only does it provide nutritious meals that are already prepared for our clients, but we also take note of any changes or dangerous situations. It is important because at times we are the only contact that client may have that day.”