Aging with Dignity

We are committed to mitigating aging’s most harmful threats through our home-delivered meals and senior centers. We provide safe spaces where older adults can congregate, share a meal, crack a smile, and create community.

Home Delivered Meals

YWCA is proud of our partnership with Meals on Wheels to deliver nutritious meals and provide companionship to seniors. By delivering a nutritious meal, friendly visit, and safety check daily, our program combats three of aging’s most harmful threats: inadequate nutrition, isolation, and declining quality of life. YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix is the only Meals on Wheels program that serves Glendale.

For more information on our program, call 623.931.7436.


At community centers throughout Glendale, seniors benefit from nutritious meals, social activities, and companionship. Our senior centers provide life-enriching outreach to our growing population of low-income elderly.

We serve in-person meals at four locations throughout Glendale.

All older adults (60+) or adults (18-59 years old) living with disabilities are welcome!
Suggested contribution is $2.50.

YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix | 8561 N 61st Ave
Monday – Friday at 12:00pm

Glendale Adult Center | 5970 W. Brown St
Monday – Friday at 12:00pm

Glendale Community Center | 5401 W Ocotillo Rd
Monday – Friday at 12:00pm

Japanese American Citizens League | 5414 W. Glenn Dr
3rd Wednesday of every month at 12:00pm

We Feed Four Feet

In 2005, we learned that our homebound seniors were “sharing” their meals with their pets. Low-income seniors face continual spending decisions–often having to choose between eating and paying their bills. Some of our seniors were choosing to risk their own nutritional needs to feed their furry companions. With our We Feed Four Feet program, we acquire pet food through donations and funding and distribute it to seniors with pets in need.

Native Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) Opportunities

Through the Native Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) we provide training and work opportunities for older adults who have already exited the workforce. These individuals are looking for ways to get involved in their communities, make friends, create income, or learn new trades.

To learn more or to apply for a NICOA position, visit this website.


Make a donation to this life-line for so many individuals in our immediate community.


Give the gift of your time and talent. There are many opportunities to serve our seniors.


Have questions about how to apply for home-delivered meals? Want to learn more?


There are many ways to get involved with YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix