YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix’s REAL-TOC (Racial Equity Action & Learning – Theory of Change) experience leads Phoenix-based organizations to understanding and investing in more internal equitable practices. Participating teams build a Race Equity Theory of Change (you’ll learn what this is through the program!) that is crafted by the team, for the team. This is DE&I work in ACTION. More than diversity and inclusion–this work is transformative.

Program Overview

This program is designed for those who want to learn how an organization can move beyond racial equity discussions and into action. By committing to this experience, participating organizations join a learning community that explores and then implements strategies for improved equity within their work place.

Interested organizations will need to consider organizational goals, necessary conditions, barriers, opportunities, and internal capacity. REAL·TOC is not just a learning experience, it’s a transformative journey. Critical to this program is the ACTION portion. Participating organizations are committed to enacting REAL change within their work policies, procedures, or practices.

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How Will REAL·TOC Benefit My Organization?

How Can REAL·TOC Benefit Our Communities?

What to Expect

This twelve-week interactive program is designed to further participants’ capacity to:

  • Unpack and understand the root causes and dynamics of systemic and structural racism
  • Craft a comprehensive Racial Equity Theory of Change goal-setting tool to inform the organization’s progress towards accomplishing their equity goal
  • Enact strategies to dismantle structural racism and promote equitable practices
  • Collaborate with other leaders committed to improving equity in their community

Program Dates

Summer Session – Around June 2024

REAL·TOC will be delivered via Zoom with some in-person sessions. Participants are committing to 12 weeks of active learning at 3 hours per session every other week. Some group work-time may be required between sessions for reflection and “homework.”

Program Cost

The $5,000 program cost covers all learning materials, facilitation by trained Racial Equity Guides, access to a safe co-creation space, and other resources for your team.

Seeking Active DE&I Leaders

We’re looking for engaging Racial Equity “Facilitrainers” for our REAL·TOC cohorts! These opportunities are compensated for their time and talents. Learn more about our two options below and submit an application if interested.

REAL·TOC Facilitrainers

Facilitrainers are experienced leaders in DE&I training and knowledge. They have an advanced understanding of systemic racism and social justice work. We will have Facilitrainers per REAL·TOC cohort with the expectation that they will lead each session with their co-facilitrainer. We call this role facili-training because this individual is facilitating the learning experience for the participants of the REAL·TOC cohort, and they are also training the next facilitrainer, creating exponential growth in DE&I work!

The time commitment will include attending each session as well as some preparation time and reflection time between each session. Facilitrainers are engaging and lead sessions with empathy, calling participants IN to the learning, not calling them OUT, creating a safe learning space for each participant.

We are not seeking Facilitrainers at this time. Please keep us in mind for future opportunities.

REAL·TOC Apprentices

We are seeking two Apprentice Facilitrainers per REAL·TOC cohort. Apprentices are facilitrainers-in-training with a passion for DE&I and social justice work. Apprentices are expected to attend each session, but they are not expected to lead sessions. No prior experience leading DE&I initiatives required. Applicants are signing on as Apprentices with the expectation that they will gain valuable understanding of the REAL·TOC model and facilitation, and will later become Facilitrainers themselves.

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