Volunteer Appreciation Month


Volunteer Appreciation and Why it is Important

For the month of April, we have the opportunity to celebrate the hard work of volunteers especially those that dedicate their time to YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix. We appreciate our volunteers no matter the time of year but take this month to especially recognize the many ways they contribute to YWCA’s mission.

Volunteers do amazing work every day by utilizing their expertise and creativity to bring resources and hope to people in need. As our internal theme for Volunteer Appreciation this year, we are highlighting the dedication and passion that it takes to do additional work without compensation. Volunteering Hearts are Unstoppable because they are called to do this work, not asked or required to.

One of our older adult program volunteers, Coca serves hot lunches at the Glendale Adult Center.

YWCA relies deeply on volunteer support to keep our programs running efficiently. In general, it is understood that the value of a volunteer hour is worth $31.80. We think a volunteer hour is even more valuable! Take for example our prosperity program volunteers. These finance experts choose to share their expertise through workshops provided by YWCA. Our volunteers lead these workshops in person at local organizations working with populations of people who have experienced transition, including homelessness and abuse. Again, volunteers aren’t asked or compensated for these hours, they do it because they are committed to advancing equity and justice.

Issues in the world are never going to end. It’s unfortunate, and it’s fact. What problems we don’t have now, could present themselves in the future as our culture and countries continue to progress and change. Volunteering hearts are unstoppable(!), because they show a dedication to continue showing up, regardless of systemic and policy barriers that may occur.

A culture of volunteerism brings us closer together by knocking down stereotypes and giving us a common goal. If you’ve volunteered with a group or mission before, you know that everyone who shows up is there with the same goal. No one is peacocking or trying to be better than anyone else. Any one can attend (dependent on accessibility) to move the needle forward.

At YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix, we have multiple volunteer opportunities available. From in-person to virtual opportunities that highlight your skills and experience to partner and group opportunities that build camaraderie while giving back, YWCA is sure to have an opportunity for you! It is up to all of us to inspire each other to give back and make change happen.

It is important to let volunteers know their work is valued to keep up motivation and spread the volunteer spirit. We hope that all of our unstoppable volunteers know just how much we appreciate and LOVE them. We truly could not do this work or move forward in our mission to eliminate racism and empower women without each and every one of you!

Some of our youth Community Ambassador volunteers at the Arizona Martin Luther King, Jr. Festival, 2024