Today is #FinancialFriday as well as Latina Equal Pay Day. This is the last equal pay day of the year since Latinas are the lowest paid WOC (women of color) in the United States.

For every dollar that our white male counter part makes, a Latina makes 54 cents. It takes 22 months for a Latina to earn the same amount that their white male coworker makes in 12 months. This can accumulate to a loss of more than $1.12 million dollars throughout the span of a 40-year career. This is the largest wage gap and even then, not all Latina women are paid the same. Honduran, Guatemalan, and Salvadoran women are paid the lowest at 42.1%, 43.1%, and 46.6% respectively.

This pay gap can not be attributed to just sexism in the workplace. LeanIn.Org ’s Women in the Workplace report states that this pay gap is 34% attribute to racism, 35% attribute it to sexism and 31% attribute it to prejudice against immigrants.

A pay gap this large will take multiple hands working together in order to close. Companies need to work to ensure that they are paying all women equal to their male coworkers. As well as actively working to stop racism and prejudice in their workplace and making all people feel safe and valued at work.

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