International Day of the Girl – What It Means to Be a Girl


In celebration of International Day of the Girl we turn our blog over to guest blogger, Lorraine, to share her perspective on what it means to be a girl.

I am Lorraine, and I am 9 years old. I think being a girl means being grateful for what you have, even if there are not always good situations. Everyone has a range of feelings when in different places, how I feel may be different than another person but this is how I feel, and that is okay.

For me my parents are divorced so being a girl is different at each parent’s house.

At my mom’s house being girl means to be welcome, safe, loved, vulnerable to talking, and carefree. I am carefree because I come home to a safe warm home with someone who loves and cares for me. I feel loved and safe because whatever drama has happened out in the world, I can come home and take a break.  My mom always comforts me and yes 9 year olds have drama, she is always there for me. She helps talk me through my problems and feel better. She makes me feel powerful.

At my dad’s house, I think being a girl means to be cherished, appreciated, thought of, loved, and secure. I am cherished because dad is appreciative of me and the things that I do. I am thought of because he always helps me with schoolwork or personal life and actually thinks about it. I am loved because dad is always there for me and is selfless. I never feel out of place or unsure of myself at dad’s house.

In my school community I am welcomed with open arms, safe, educated, and valued. I am welcomed with open arms because I am not smirked at or ignored and everyone is polite to me. I am safe because when something is not going well someone always stands up for me. I am precious because friends say a heartfelt apology when they hurt me. I am a student because I am open to learning and my school wants to educate me the best it can. My school is a place where I feel I have value and contribute.

In my general community things are not always as easy.  Mom is always telling me to be safe and not talk to strangers.  I know that there are people with good and bad sides and some people chose to be their bad sides and can hurt us.  Sometimes I see homeless people and I empathize with them because I know that it could be just one bad day that separates us.

I understand that what I have is special and that what I have not everyone has.  For this I am grateful. I know that there are girls who feel unsafe, unwelcome, and not valued.  I can imagine they feel frightened and unsure of themselves.  I want them to know: you should stand up for what is right and believe in who you are and who you can be.  I believe your dreams can come true.  I know there might be challenges but push through them because in the end you are worth it.