Growing up in the ’70s who didn’t want to be the Bionic Woman?

There can be few girls who grew up in the ’70s who didn’t want to be the Bionic Woman, with her superhuman strength and speed.

Looking back years later it has become clear that the Bionic Woman was groundbreaking for women in the sense that it enabled women to break the glass ceiling of the way they were portrayed in the media. Suddenly, a woman did not have to wear skimpy clothes or smother her face with makeup for attention. Jaime Sommers stayed relevant and popular thanks to her outstanding strength and unique personality, not her physical assets. 

As Lindsay Wagner continued her film career she wanted to make sure the films she made helped people. They dealt with child abuse and domestic violence; things that television at the time just wasn’t tackling. It had to be more than just pure entertainment.

Lindsay was quoted as saying:

“We have the capability to change the way we feel about things,
even if we cannot change the circumstances.”

“I help people deal with all kinds of everyday life problems –
things we think are so difficult, but which are not really,
it’s just our perspective of them.”

These days Wagner is fully dedicated to fulfilling her spiritual goals. Although she proceeds to perform and act every now and again, she mostly prefers to spread the word about self-help in seminars. “Every moment holds the potential for new beginnings,” Wagner said in one interview. “When you find yourself thinking or speaking negatively about yourself or life, always add these three words: UP UNTIL NOW!” That is the mantra Wagner claimed to have repeated daily.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to see Lindsay Wagner and see what a beautiful person she is inside and out and share in her passion to empower others. I hope you’ll join me November 27th, 2018 at the Montelucia to hear her share her story. REGISTER TODAY!