Mental Wellness with healthy synergy, llc

To holistically prosper, we believe mental wellbeing plays a key role. We partnered with Healthy Synergy, LLC. to provide classes that will equip you with the tools to be mindful and protect your emotional peace.

All of the courses will be taking place in person at Healthy Synergy, LLC. from 5-6:00pm.

2020 S. McClintock Dr. Suite 101
Tempe, AZ 85282

Class Schedule

What are values? How can you live intentionally? By identifying which values matter most to you. Open group discussion around what values are, how they’re implemented, understanding other people’s/society’s values vs our own, and ways to put your values into action. We would also include a journaling activity for self-reflection and provide handouts to reference throughout the discussion.

Here, we will provide psychoeducation on grounding, regulation, and self-compassion paired with key activities such as mindful breathing, PMR, and calm place. We will specifically address how these concepts relate to how we feel about our bodies, and how to practice self-compassion and self-care while using social media.

This would go over the different types of boundaries, why they are important, and what they can look like. We will also explore how cultural contexts shape our understanding of boundaries and begin to clarify our own internal and external boundaries.

Today, stress is all too common. And yet we all have resilience and resources that we can tap into to meet it. We will help participants understand how our bodies and minds respond to stress and how we can start to take control of the stress response. We will identify resources and return to the lessons from “Self-Compassion and Self-Care.”

Now, we will turn from the self towards helping participants navigate relationships with others. What do healthy relationships with our partners, friends, and families even look like? Building upon previous lessons, we will show how values and boundaries contribute to forming more authentic relationships. We will also talk about healthy communication, dependency, and co-regulation.

These courses are made possible by Dr. Sophia Murphy, Doctor of Behavioral Health and Licensed Professional Counselor. With over a decade’s experience of direct service, Dr. Murphy has provided treatment to individuals, families, and groups. She emphasizes the value of multicultural competency and deep exploration of the relationship between identity and health. Dr. Murphy aims to support her patients in bettering their lives and reaching their individual goals through a holistic approach targeting mind-body health. She specializes in working with individuals of color and female-identifying patients and is also an LGBTQ+ allied provider and aims to support marginalized groups in receiving care, free from stigma.

Although Dr. Murphy has created this series, she will not be the provider leading the sessions. Dr. Murphy will be supervising her two graduate students from ASU who will teach the courses.


We recognize that mental wellness resources are often inaccessible due to cost and cultural stigmas. Our hope is that everyone who would like to attend and receive these resources, will. That is why these classes are offered on a pay-what-you-can scale. These classes are valued at $15 each per person; however, registration is donation-based. Please make a contribution that is meaningful to you.

Registration will be required as each class is limited to 7 participants. Please register per class you would like to attend. There is no obligation to attend all 5 classes. If you can not attend one of the courses you have registered for, please contact learn@ywcaaz.org one week in advance so that we may contact someone from the waitlist to take your spot.

BONUS! Participants who attend at least 4 of the 5 classes will receive a $30 gift card just for attending!

Questions? Please contact learn@ywcaaz.org

Huge Thank You to Healthy Synergy, LLC. for providing their time and expertise.

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