Young Women’s Forum

The YWCA Young Women’s Forum is a dynamic setting where young female leaders and emerging professionals in the community can connect with one another, share strategies and create support networks.

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I have attended a couple of the YWCA’s Young Women’s Forum events and they have been quite enlightening! The topics for discussion are always timely and relevant, and I also enjoy getting to meet and network with the other women who attend the event. The Young Women’s Forum is a great venue for young women to engage with people and subject matter that they might not encounter otherwise.

What is the Young Women’s Forum

The Young Women’s Forum hosts three events each year.  Each event offers strategies and thought provoking ideas on topics that are relevant to emerging professionals.

For 2017-18 The YWCA Young Women’s Forum is proud to present: “How to be Your Healthiest Self, and What Questions to Ask the Professionals” (October 26, 2017 ), “Finding and Trusting Your Intuition with Julie Fartha” (January 11, 2018), and “Who, What, When, Why and How of Getting Involved” (April 3, 2018).

Get involved with the Young Women’s Forum

The Young Women’s Forum is open to all women.  Click on the register tab to register for an event.  We welcome your involvement.  If you would like to become a committee member of the YWCA Young Women’s Forum Committee, email

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