Women’s Empowerment Series

YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix is proud of our Women’s Empowerment Lecture Series which began in 2006.  To date, we have been honored to present speakers who brought educational, thought-provoking topics such as tolerance, justice, women’s health and bioethics, wage equality, work-life balance, and women in leadership.

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“The “Women in Sports” event gave my granddaughters a terrific opportunity to hear from women with non-traditional life experiences and to benefit from their earned wisdom. 
When I asked them what they liked best, they both agreed that hearing Lynn St. James recommendation to focus on the goal, not the obstacles, was something they would try to remember.”

What is the Women’s Empowerment Series

The YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix hosts three Women’s Empowerment Series Events each year.  For the 2016-17 series we are proud to present “Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)” (September 29, 2016)  and “Women in Media” (November 29, 2016) and an “Author’s Luncheon” (May 25, 2017).  The YWCA Women’s Empowerment Series Luncheons bring thought-provoking and relevant topics to our community through local and nationally recognized speakers.  The Women’s Empowerment series is made possible through the generous support of civic-minded corporations, fellow nonprofit organizations, committed media outlets and talented visionaries who help empower us all through the sharing of their expertise and knowledge.

Women In Sports – June 2015

Get involved with the Women’s Empowerment Series

The Women’s Empowerment Series Events are open to all.  To attend an event click on event calendar below. If you have an idea for a future topic or speaker, please email bridget.costello@ywcaaz.org.

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