Stand Against Racism

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Stand Against Racism

Stand Against Racism is designed to build community among those who work for racial justice, raise awareness about racism, and encourage community members to take action for change. Through our collaborations, we create an on-going, daily dialogue that is a catalyst for real and sustainable change.

Join us for our 2018 Stand Against Racism Programs!

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The Arizona YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix is committed to taking a stand to eliminate racism and promote inclusion and tolerance.

Every year the YWCA has a national day of dialogue on how we can “Stand Against Racism” by organizing brown bag lunch discussions in social and working environments throughout the United States. The YWCA’s Stand Against Racism Program provides an opportunity to shine a light on racism and discuss real solutions.

We are convinced that now, more than ever, leaders in the private non-profit and for-profit sectors must do more to change our communities, stop the intolerance and improve people’s lives. This change can take place in our conference rooms, living rooms and community centers.

On April 28, 2017, we asked you to join us in this Arizona state-wide movement “Stand Against Racism Day”. We provided all the materials you needed to participate and organize a circle discussion to raise awareness about the destructive impact of racism and what we can do to address the issue.

Through our collaboration, we will go beyond a day of discussion and create an on-going, daily dialogue that is a catalyst for real and sustainable change. Our message must be loud and clear so that we can transform hate into love and forever improve the quality of life for all who live in our state, nation and world.

We welcome you in joining us to Stand Against Racism.