Legacy Giving Council

Leave a Legacy by Joining the
YWCA Leadership Giving Circle

Please remember Arizona YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix in your will or estate plans. We offer a broad range of planned giving options. We will work with you and your advisor to create a charitable gift plan to further your personal and charitable goals and to create a lasting legacy.

The YWCA Metropolitan Leadership Giving Circle was established with the goal of providing for the continuing needs of the YWCA by ensuring our financial health and stability.

How does it help?

Your gift strengthens our future by:
  • Ensuring that the YWCA will continue providing essential services to the women and families of the Metropolitan Phoenix area for many years to come
  • Contributing to the long-term financial health of the YWCA
  • Providing security in times of uncertain funding

When you name the YWCA in your estate plans or make a gift to the YWCA Leadership Giving Circle you make an incredible expression of your belief in our mission: to Eliminate Racism and Empower Women.

CHARITABLE TRUST – Do Well By Doing Good

Charitable Trust. You can sell an appreciated asset in a Charitable Trust and you can keep the money that would have gone for taxes growing, tax free, in the Trust with the goal of having more lifetime income, tax free compounding, and a meaningful charitable legacy! On top of that, you get an Income tax deduction now for your future gift, reduce potential estate taxes, and accomplish asset protection! Win – Win – Win.

Ways to give, Gifts for the Present & Gifts for the future.

Donate an outright transfer of property or cash to the YWCA. When designated to the YWCA, your gifts of cash, securities, or real estate ensure vital services are available to women and their families.

Will or Trust. When designated through a will or trust to the YWCA Leadership Giving Circle your gifts of cash, securities, real estate or property, ensure vital services remain available to women and families.

Life Insurance. Make a meaningful gift through a life insurance policy by designating the YWCA as the recipient of the death benefit or transferring ownership of an existing policy to the YWCA.

IRA or Other Retirement Plan. Include the YWCA in your estate plans by naming the YWCA as the beneficiary of your IRA or other type of retirement plan.

For more information on becoming a member of the Leadership Giving Circle and creating a legacy gift for the YWCA, email bridget.costello @ywcaAZ.org or call 602-258-0990 x 25

Legacy Giving Council

Dr. Janet G. Elsea
Chair of Leadership Giving Circle

Jill Mapstead
Retired Business Owner/
Community Activist
and Philanthropist

Dana Campbell Saylor
Principal, Saylor & Saylor, LLC
Thought Leadership, Community
and Not for Profit Development,
Mergers & Acquisitions

Catherine Scrivano
Casco Financial Group

Tiffany House
Vice President/Partner,
MasterTech Financial Advisors

YWCA Leadership Giving Circle Donors

Leaving a Legacy to Sustain the Mission of the YWCA

I give to the YWCA of Metro Phoenix because it has given to women like me – and thousands of others – for over 100 years.  I may be a senior recipient of a Meals on Wheels, I may be a young professional in the Own It program, I may be a homeless woman seeking shelter.  Whoever I am or wherever I may be, I’ve been blessed by the YWCA, its staff and volunteers in the efforts to carry out the mission to: Eliminate Racism and Empower Women.

Janet Elsea,  Ph.D.

I was privileged to serve on the Board of Directors of the YWCA for many years. In that role, I was able to see firsthand the important services provided at the West Valley Senior Center, through the “Own It” financial training program, and in the advocacy for women and families of the Valley. I am proud of the work we did and want to help ensure that this support of the YWCA’s mission to “Eliminate Racism and Empower Women” well into the future. I hope my gift helps to inspire future generations of women and men about the value of community service and to continue the strong legacy of the YWCA.

Karen D. Johnson, Ph.D.
Vice President, University Relations
Midwestern University


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