Black women in America earn 62 cents for every dollar that white men earn. This amounts to $23,540 less into the pockets of Black women annually. These lost wages mean Black women have less money to support themselves and their families, save and invest for the future, and spend on goods and services. Families, communities, and the economy suffer as a result.

Join YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix in empowering women to close the wage gap! We offer a two-part educational series geared towards providing women with the skills and knowledge to advocate for themselves and their families during wage negotiations. Part one begins with a self-directed class designed by AAUW. The second part includes a review, practice, and coaching session that connects you with our coaches and others committed to closing the pay gap for all women!

Once registered for the virtual class our Prosperity team will send you additional information and course links. The Self-guided class must be completed prior to attending the review and coaching session.  The AAUW Self-guided course takes 2-3 hours to complete and the coaching and review session will be an additional two hours in length, taught with live instructors virtually.

Enroll now classes fill quickly!