We are honored to host several special events throughout the year. Additionally, we’re proud to join community partners to raise awareness and bring consciousness to issues surrounding racial justice and gender equality.

Winter Social Justice Book Club @ Zoom
Jan 19 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Winter Social Justice Book Club @ Zoom

This book contains 15 shorts stories and every 3 weeks, we will pick a story to discuss and learn from, continuing our anti-racism work.

This book vividly presents – in their own words – the personal stories, experiences and reflections of fifteen prominent white anti-racists. They recount the circumstances that led them to undertake this work, describe key moments and insights along their journeys, and frankly admit their continuing lapses and mistakes. They make it clear that confronting oppression (including their own prejudices) – whether about race, sexual orientation, ability, or other differences – is a lifelong process of learning.

Let’s confront oppression together.